What Our Residents Are Saying

Betty and Bing Binning

"We moved here in 1999 and it has been a really good move. Cottage Grove has everything we need. We watched the Health Center addition built in 2003, or about then, and it is interesting to see the newest addition being built now. My husband and I would recommend this place if you are thinking about moving. We know that if we need more care, all we have to do is go through the tunnel to the other building. We were among the youngest residents when we moved here and now we are approaching to be as the older. My husband will soon be 94 and I will be 90 in 1 week."

Herman and Marie Knappe

"This is the place where our life together began!"

"I was dining with three friends, and the hostess seated Herman at our table," says Marie. "The conversation flowed freely, and we had the most wonderful time right from the start."

After losing their spouses, Herman and Marie found each other.

"I enjoy meeting new people," says Herman, "especially having interesting conversations at dinner." That dinner conversation blossomed into a romance.

Today, Herman and Marie relish their lifestyle at Cottage Grove as they have for the last 10 years.

"We love the symphony, going to plays and especially dancing together," says Marie. "We love to go about our busy lives, then come home and freshen up for a lovely dinner that someone else has prepared! For us it all started over dinner one night at Cottage Grove Place."

Dorothy Wrangen

"My kids told me to ‘go for it!'"

"I've always led an active life and I didn't want that to change," says Dorothy.

"But I also wanted to be close to my family and, that's why I moved to Cottage Grove Place. There's always something to do here and someone to do it with. I volunteer, I help with gardening, and I especially enjoy playing cards with the lively group of friends I've made. I've been very happy and comfortable and I feel very safe. My kids were right and I'm glad I went for it!"

Mary Jeanette Andre

"Whatever I need, it's all right here."

"Cottage Grove Place is in a wonderful neighborhood location here in Cedar Rapids," says Mary Jeanette.

"Parks, shopping, restaurants and services are all nearby. But you don't even need to leave campus, if you don't want to. Cottage Grove Place offers classes and events all the time. This is a real community and I've found that most everything I need is right here."