LifeCare Community

Cottage Grove Place is the only LifeCare retirement community in Cedar Rapids. What does this mean? LifeCare means we'll take care of you during every stage of your life — from active retirement to assisted living to nursing care. Once you move to Cottage Grove Place, you're guaranteed a lifetime of care.

As an active senior, you'll appreciate our exciting community and high standard of living. You'll also rest easier knowing that, as you age, we'll continue to provide the same exceptional care.

In fact, every aspect of community life promotes your well-being, including a focus on your wellness, social, emotional, vocational, intellectual, physical, and health needs.

As a continuing care retirement community, Cottage Grove Place guarantees you lifelong access to services whenever you need them.

When and if you ever need intermittent or full-time rehabilitation care, extra help—in assisted living or skilled care nursing—you and your family have our promise your care needs will be met. You needn't ever leave Cottage Grove. Any service you require is offered here by people you already know and trust.

Come tour Cottage Grove Place. We're proud of the exceptional service we provide. You'll discover what our residents already know: We offer choice, flexibility, and peace of mind now and into the future.